Hello! I am the older (wiser) sis and I am so excited to be sharing mom stories through this blog! I am a wife, a Mommy, a sister, a daughter, a nurse, a runner, and most importantly a lover of Jesus.

I met my husband at the ripe ‘ole age of 13. We spent our high school years together and after 5 years of dating, we married on snowy day in 2006. Josh is my best-friend, my encourager, my partner in global exploration, my challenger, my supporter….he is my love.

Josh started Josh’s Sno Shack after his freshman year of college.  After marriage, we put in many long hours April- October to support ourselves and continue our college education. We both graduated college in 2008 and decided to make the sno shack our permanent life. 11 years, 8 locations and 71 staff later- we couldn’t be more thankful for this unique life experience! We love serving Tulsa and doing life with our Shack Family!

Josh and I spent 4 years as just the two of us. We were young and more in love than we knew possible. We traveled, bought cars, bought a home, and welcomed our first baby into our lives. She was black, furry, and a wonderful companion. We named our faithful mutt Xavi (Chavi).

In May of 2010, our sweet Norah was born. I had a rough pregnancy… and delivery, but holding her in my arms was the most incredible moment of my life. I didn’t care about the previous 9 months and I felt my heart grow exponentially in a second’s time. Norah was everything we could have ever dreamed! She is now 6 and in the first grade. She is FULL of life and looks for adventure in every day! She is empathetic, loves to worship her Savior and finds so much joy in others. She is our fearless little one- rock climbing, cliff jumping, animal rescuing, it’s her jam. We’re so proud of her already! 


Our Jonah-man joined our family in January of 2012. My pregnancy with him was a breeze! I ran my throughout my pregnancy, putting in a final 5k at 35weeks pregnant. I recovered fast from my repeat c-section and jumped right back into running. I didn’t think my heart could grow the way it did with Norah, but it did! The tears of joy erupted immediatly when I heard the nurse say, “Oh he’s a big boy… and he has lots of hair!” That incomprehensible love again washed over me! Jonah is now 4 years old, 12 days younger than his cousin Emmy. He is happy, cuddly, silly, smart and he loves his siblings. Jonah has my heart in a very special way! He wants to be a “surgery-guy, fire man, sno shack worker and animal helper when he grows up.” 


In December 2015, God gave us our last little boy. We didn’t find out gender during this pregnancy and waited through a long third c-section to finally hear, “Its a boy!” Oh, the tears of joy! Miles is the perfect completion to our crew. He is easy going, content and so easy to please. He loves his family! We can’t wait to see the personality of this little guy grow and grow. He is our good gift!


I have learned that being a Mommy is best title one can earn. It is a life full of new delights, fascinations, and joys! Though days and seasons can be exhausting, yet the rewards of sweet smiles and open-mouth kisses are good beyond measure.  I am so thankful for a loving God, who gives grace and peace in the times of need and for family to turn to for encouragement. Doing motherhood, surrounded by people who love me and these sweet kiddos, is a dream come true.


I hope you enjoy this blog- our lives are sure to be an adventure!


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2 thoughts on “A N G I E

  1. Mine' Kielmeyer says:

    Hey Ang! This blog is amazing! I love both you and Jode so much, and think of you both as family! I cant wait until I am a mommy, and can follow in both of your foot-steps!


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