8 thoughts on “C O S T U M E S

  1. JACKIE says:


    I am an Associate Photo Editor at BuzzFeed.com and we are absolutely in LOVE with your photo of your baby scuba diver!

    I couldn’t find a contact on your blog, it would be great if you could send me an email because we would really like to feature your photo in a post with a link back.

    Please send me an email! Thanks and have a great night!


    • angieandjodi says:

      Hi Allison,

      It should have taken you to “Our Week in Snapshots” from the week of Halloween. It’s full of lots more shots of their costumes but we never made an actual “DIY how to” post about the other costumes. If you’re looking to recreate the scuba costume, I can tell you it was super easy! We found a black sweat suit, painted a water bottle and paci, and attached an old black cord using hot glue. 🙂


      • Allison says:

        Thank you! The link is correct, but when the page loads, it says “Page Not Found”- just FYI. I actually did make the scuba baby, with some variations and it turned out very cute. Thanks for the inspiration!


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