I’m the younger (cooler) sister. I’m a first grade teacher, turned stay-at-home momma. I love fashion, fitness, decorating, and all things creative and adventurous.

Six years ago I married the man for me, Matt. He’s hilarious and he’s smart. A winning combination, especially when paired with: handsome, tall, kind, fun-loving, the list goes on and on… He truly is my favorite person ever and completely breaks any accountant stereotypes there may be. 🙂 He is definitely my complete opposite and Lord knows I need the balance he brings to my life! I’m thankful to be married to someone I have fun with and who makes me laugh daily. He’s been the best daddy and husband a girl could ask for!myprofilepicAfter 9 months of the lovely young and married life (late movies, spur-of-the-moment date nights, and sleeping in on weekends) we found out I was pregnant. After two weeks of deep-breathing and reality checks we were EXCITED! We were glad to know our child would be close in age to Norah, our sweet niece. The excitement only grew when, after those two short weeks, we learned Angie was pregnant too! We had only joked about being pregnant at the same time. I never thought it would happen since Josh and Angie married when I was in high school. How fun to have a sister to turn to and talk about all the quirks of pregnancy. (Thanks to my mom we’re rocking matching ponchos :))

Our sweet Emmy girl is now 4 years old, just twelve days older than her cousin, Jonah. She has changed our lives forever and we’re totally in love. I never expected how fast and hard we’d fall for her. The moment she was placed on my chest I felt overwhelmed by God’s greatness. What a miracle! She is everything: hilarious, go-with-the-flow, so kind and sweet too! We’ve had so much fun learning how to be parents. There have been many highs and lows. It’s a whole new thing being responsible for another human life and loving them so much you’d lay down your own in a heartbeat. More than anything, she’s brought us so much joy and thankfulness to God for giving us such a punkin!img_3913

18 months later we welcomed baby number two into our little family. Tucker Harrison has rocked our worlds. This guys is wild and all BOY! I can’t believe he’s growing up so fast and just turned 3 years old! Him and Emmy are best buds and spend their days pretending, fighting, and paling around. 🙂img_2911

Just a couple months ago we welcomed our third little love, Crosby. He’s Tuck’s mini-me and SUCH a sweety! We’re all in love with him and he gets about 1,000 kisses a day! img_1127On any given night of the week you’d probably find our family making homemade popcorn (our recipe has been perfected after MANY attempts) and watching the latest episode of Survivor (yes it’s still on tv and it’s the best), or catching up on life over a family walk with our cuties. We love to go on new adventures with the kids and vacations are our favorite. Most importantly we love spending time as a family.img_0751
I love these three like crazy…img_1641We hope you enjoy our blog and find some sense of community here. Motherhood has been the best chapter of life so far, yet I’ve needed support from the ones I love more than ever. It is our hope that this blog will be a place where you can come to read about real moms and their lives. We hope to offer stories of encouragement, tips and tricks of the trade, and true feelings and advice.

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Our IG shop for reselling the kids clothes: @styleforyourlittles

For partnership inquiries email: jodismith88@gmail.comimg_2292

6 thoughts on “J O D I

  1. Mine' Kielmeyer says:

    I LOVE this blog! You and Angie are amazing woman and mom’s!! My only hope, is that when I become pregnant, I will follow in both your amazing foot-steps! Love you both!! 🙂

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