Emerson turns FIVE!

What a day- our baby is FIVE!

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago we were bringing her home from the hospital? How could those chubby baby cheeks have turned into this grown-up face staring back at me. She’s got long legs, the best laugh, and the most beautiful brown eyes. I’m so proud of this girl, mostly because she is kind. She’s a good friend and sister. She’s got a laid-back personality that can go with the flow easily. She is tender-hearted. She gets EXCITED about life. Watching her eyes light up is my favorite and I hope she never loses her pizzaz for life! I hope she always sees the best in people and brings joy wherever she goes. I hope she always sees people the way Jesus does and loves them without question. She’s a gem and we’ve been calling her that from the beginning… our Em Gem!

This has been the year of the LION! I mean- OBSESSED! She knows how they prowl and pounce. She knows what they eat and how they roar. She memorized Lion King (cover to cover) and recites it without pause. She could be found perfecting her lion skills any place any time. Never a bad time for LION TIME!

Somewhere in between her lion impersonations, she learned how to snap and whistle. Pretty big stuff. She lost TWO TEETH (way early) and got really good at baseball (Go CUBBIES)! She learned how to swim without a floatie, tred water, and swim underwater even in the deep end. She never gives up when she wants to figure something out and she’s all about practice!

This year she wanted to pray to ask Jesus into her heart.  We talked in her bed for a long time and answered lots of thoughtful questions. Her nightly prayers are so genuine and sure to touch our hearts and sometimes our funny bones too. A favorite was when she told Jesus he was the most awesome baby to be born at Christmas. 🙂

We love our girl to pieces and look forward to all the fun of FIVE (even though she promised she’d stay four forever)! WAAAAAAA!

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