Emmy’s Chapter Five Birthday Party

We celebrated our first baby turning FIVE yesterday with friends and family (tears, tears, tears)! She is so old! She loves to read so we decided on a book theme: chapter five/happily ever after/five is a fairytale- everything cheesy like that. 😉 img_2902My short teaching career left me with a few bins of books that were either half destroyed already or nothing worth keeping. I scoured our torn up books and pulled pages that had a pretty distinct color to make a wall of rainbow ombre book pages. img_2936Smith parties always gotta have a photo-booth. 🙂 img_2907img_2958img_2947img_2918img_2900img_2897img_2943img_2945 img_2917On the mantle I made a banner using 8X10 photos from each of her birthday parties past. I glued them on a backdrop of book pages and jazzed them up by adding paper flowers and greenery from book pages. img_2926 img_2925 img_2924img_2927I used a foam board and hot glue to attach pages for the backdrop. I painted book pages with watercolor to make these flowers and hung them like a wreath around the chapter five letters. img_2932   img_2930 img_2948The food spread was all book-themed so I set the book out by each snack. I didn’t get great pictures of this but we did pigs in a blanket with The Three Little Pigs. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by a crockpot of meatballs, Fruits and veggies by The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and some crackers and cheese by a Henry and Mudge cracker story. img_2914 img_2946For the cake we decided to do donuts to keep life simple and set them out by an adorable book called, Donut Chef. img_2939 img_2940 img_2961 img_2960 img_2965For entertainment, we had the kids create their own stories. I picked up some fun patterns of paper and stapled them into mini books with writing lines and set out markers, pencils, and crayons for all our little authors. img_2922  img_2919 img_2923 img_2921img_2952img_2955img_2956img_2953Finally, we sent the kids off with a bag of sugar (book worms) to thank them for partying with us! 🙂img_2950It was a great day celebrating our special girl and we’re so thankful for sweet friends and family who surround her with so much love!


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