Christmas at the Smith’s

img_1740We spent Christmas Eve day playing games at home in our jammies. It was so nice to spend fun time at home with the kids. We tried out all these minute-to-win-it games which were hilarious. They usually turned into the kids getting frustrated and Matt and I battling it out. I spent nap-time working on paper magic while Matt put together the big present in the backyard.  We spent the evening with my family at the Bridge’s service. We were at least a half hour late because- kids (and may be my outfit). 😉 We always go to dinner at Happy House , this hole in the wall Asian place. I love these silly traditions we absolutely must keep. img_1677Once we got home, the kids opened one present (matching jammies and a Christmas story). With lots of anticipation in the air, we sent them off to bed and got to “elfing” out our house. This is our third year to deck the halls with gobs of paper chains and snowflakes and I think it was the last. haha! So much work and sadly our kids are growing out of taking much notice of it. It’s pretty much a bee line to the tree these days. 🙂 We tried to up our game by adding their favorite color and some glitter spray but it was no match for the presents under the tree.

My favorite part of this year was the expressions on Tuck’s face. He’s never been so into opening gifts as he was this year. He was in absolute shock at each thing he opened. I did all this shopping including major superhero awesomeness and last minute Matt decided to order him a Batman watch from Amazon. Of course THAT was his absolute favorite gift of all time. He is so proud of his watch “just like Daddy” and shows anyone he meets.img_1965 img_1967

Emmy was most excited about her Lion Guard jungle from Tuck. She could pretend for hours on that thing! Crosby was such a sweety and really loved trying to grab and rip up all the wrapping paper. The kids were happy to help him tear open his gifts and try to teach him how to play. 🙂img_1968 img_1969img_1753 After we unwrapped the last of the gifts we indulged in some orange cinnammon rolls (a Christmas staple) and some skillets (yum!). When the kids thought it was all over, Matt found a mysterious card in the tree and read aloud to begin their clue hunt for the BIG EPIC PRESENT!!!

We all love the new trampoline!!! It’s such a good one for us. We love being outside but our backyard isn’t fenced in so this is a great energy-burner for while keeping them contained at the same time. It worked out awesome that it was 70 degrees on Christmas day. We jumped most of the day away and even went for a family walk in short sleeves. Amazing.img_1756img_1755img_1971img_1757-1img_1970We’ve always rushed off to another Christmas celebration so it was really nice to just be home all day this year. The kids loved getting to actually play with their new toys and enjoy them. I love my family and treasure all these precious memories made! img_1738

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