Christmas Program Cuties

The kids sang in the Christmas program at their preschool yesterday and it was adorable. I just love these photos of my kiddos because they really are the best of friends (and worst of enemies depending on the minute). img_0697-2img_0738img_0737img_0741img_0740 img_0698 img_0705 img_0704img_0712img_0709img_0713img_0706I’ve been listening to their versions of these songs for since October and I could hardly wait to see what they’d actually do once on the big stage, especially Tucker. I’d never seen him in this kind of setting before and had him pegged for either the kid singing directly into the mic or the one staring blankly, not singing at all. He totally surprised me and came onto the stage waving and smiling. He was the first kid to set his jingle bells down in front of him just as the teacher directed (first to follow directions- SHOCKER!!!) He then went into super serious mode and quietly sang along not even looking at us the whole show. Emmy was so funny about her songs. She never wanted me to practice with her because she wanted me to be surprised. It broke her heart a little when she realized I already knew some of the words to “wish you a merry Christmas”. haha! She was thrilled to see our whole crew waving and cheering when her class took the stage. She sang and did the motions like a champ and wanted to know which song was my favorite. img_0734img_0733img_0736img_0735Look at that cheer squad! I’m so thankful for family that loves my kids so well!

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