Christmas Wish List for Mama + Kiddos

wishlist1Here’s a few things on my list for myself + the kiddos…

  1. Mac Lipstick– Ruby Woo
  2. New Perfume– I’ve been out for about a year but never feel like buying such a treat for myself. I’ve always loved Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance.
  3. New sports bras– I wear them daily but have about three that I actually like and they’re OLD. With all the changes from pregnancy I could really use some nice new ones! I love all the colors available in and this style by Nike.
  4. Brow Pencil and Shaping Scissors– it’s the year of the brows and these tools could really up my game. 😉
  5. Over-the-knee black boots– Asos has the best shoe selection with reasonable prices!
  6. Slippers– love these UGG knockoffs for the winter season!
  7. Spirograph– I used to LOVE these as a kid! We got this for Em and I can’t wait to have some craft time with her.
  8. Red Hunter Boots– LOVE! This shade is the perfect pop of color and could be worn by both my boys and girls. It’s definitely more than I usually spend on their shoes but would be a great gift idea that could be passed on to all three.
  9. Books, books, books. We’re having kind of a war on toys this year. This is a great alternative to the endless parts and pieces that wind up lost all over the house. Books are always welcome here! 🙂 I’ve started reading chapter books to Em before bed and she loved this “Toys Go Out” one so we ordered the other two in the series for Christmas. Tuck loves these dinosaur books so we picked up the Christmas one for him. (Ada Twist, Scientist, Lion Lessons)
  10. Baseball and mitt– we’ve been a little obsessed ever since the Cubs won the world series! The kids practice daily and they’re both actually pretty good at it. I was so excited to get Tucker his own mitt and ball this year so we can really work on his skills. 🙂 Plus- anything that gets the kids playing outside more is a WIN!

What’s on your list this year!?

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