It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

img_9250 For some reason (possibly all the warm weather and serious lack of Fall around here) I’ve been slow to get in the spirit this year. We’ve barely been able to break out our sweaters and the countdown to Christmas has begun. Having a baby definitely speeds the clock as well. I think the last five months passed without us even noticing. Anyway, now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to get in the spirit. This year we decided to go to a tree farm to find the perfect pine for Crosby’s first Christmas. img_9254img_9251img_9279img_9281We’re all obsessed with this boy. No one in our family can resist his sweet cheeks. They’re scrumptious. img_9252img_9288 We went to the Owasso Tree and Berry Farm and it was really adorable. It felt like it’s own mini Christmas town. We pictured sawing down our own tree and eventually realized the best ones were actually imported from Oregon and already cut and setting in water. The already cut trees were pretty pricey, like over double that of a hardware store option. After searching around we decided we’d be fine with swinging by Lowe’s on the way home to grab a $50 fir. Ha! We did find some really pretty swags that smell beautiful and have a new home above our fireplace. Even though we didn’t even wind up bringing home a tree, this farm was a super fun experience. They have hot cider and a free hay ride between the farm and the store. The kids had a blast exploring the aisles of pine trees and pretending to be on a big adventure in the woods! img_9285img_9263img_9271img_9291img_9262img_9259img_9260 img_9270Now that the halls are decked and the twinkle lights are up, I’m feeling way more in the spirit. I’m most excited to have our little Crosby this year. All the first of this year are so fun! 🙂

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