Mr. Miles: Month ELEVEN

Movin’, Movin’, Movin. This boy is on the go!


Miles is interested in doors, cabinets, door stoppers, and emptying any storage container he can get his hands in. His favorite entertainment this month has been, emptying the candy filled Halloween pumpkins, emptying crayon boxes and chucking every ball from his toy bin across the living room. Mom’s daily clean up has significantly increased this month! 🙂

Miles is pulling up on everything and starting to “cruise.” He loves stairs and climbing over pillows. He still does not stand alone or show signs of walking, but seems very confident in his movement.

He loves any food he can get in his hands, but prefers eating off mom’s plate. Miles loves Cheerios, blueberries, and bananas right now. He nurses 1-2 times a day and LOVES water in a zippy cup. He has two teeth that are STILL begging to pop through the surface. Oh, how I cannot wait til we can stop blaming crankiness on teething ;).

Miles sleeps about 12hrs at night and takes two naps (1-2hrs each). He RARELY falls asleep in the car anymore and never in our arms or on the go (insert Mom tears). The “needing two naps, but they have to be in a bed” stage is not my favorite. It’s really cramping our on-the-go life :). BUT, it is just a stage and before we know it, this boy will be down to one nap and I’ll miss the hours of sleep he once needed.

This silly boy, loves to tease and be chased! He buries his head in the carpet, overcome in giggles, when Daddy calls “Miles!!!” He loves to clap his hands, make music and bounce to a beat. His favorite song is “Happy and You Know It”, he lights up when we start singing!

Miles has a knew found love of board books this month. We’ve enjoyed reading to him before bed and letting his flip the pages. He still is not using words consistently. He says, “Mamamama” when he’s upset and shakes his head “no” when he’s mad. He chirps when our dog barks and grunts when he doesn’t get what he wants. However, imitating our sounds is still a milestone we are waiting on.

Mr. Miles- We love your happy face! We love the way you smile with your eyes, one eye squeezed more tightly than the other. We love your chipmunk cheeks, your tanned skin and the new mullet your growing in. You are handsome and silly. You are a joy! We love you!



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