Parent/Teacher Conferences

They’re this epic moment in life. A moment that you see your child through the eyes of another caretaker. You walk in, hoping they see the beauty in your children that you see; hoping that they see the struggles as conquerable, hoping they believe in the courage and integrity you’ve taught your little loved one since birth.

My kids go to a small classical Christian school. I believe with all my heart that God led us to this beautiful community and gave us undoubtable peace that this is the place, for this season, for our kids. However, like any decision that costs (what feels like) WAY too much money, I still walk through moments of asking God to reaffirm that we are still in the right place. For me, parent/teacher conferences seem to always be the affirmation I need.

Our teachers have been unbelievable. They have loved my kids in a fresh, inspiring, comforting, unrelenting way. They have seen the small details that I thought only I noticed. They have worked with us to address “bumps” in the road and they have been encouragers when the learning seemed tough.

Leaving conferences made me come home, hug my kids a little tighter and thank God for these incredible little souls that I get to call my kids.

Norah is in First Grade. This year, her teacher highlighted to me what a great friend she is to her classmates. She wants to include everyone, loves to have LOTS of friends and everyone wants to be her friend. She’s emerging as a confident leader in the class and she is always kind to others. Her teacher totally pinged her when she concluded conferences with, “Norah’s greatest trait is her tenacity. She isn’t easily discouraged and she never gives up on doing something the right way.” She is meeting all her learning metrics, reads with REALLY good expression and most importantly, she is LOVING school!

Jonah is in Pre-K. This was his first conference and I was so intrigued to see how his teacher saw him. His teacher highlighted how kind Jonah is and how great of a friend he is too! She said he is very aware of his friends, loves to participate and listens when others speak. Jonah is thriving in the school environment and learning very quickly. He has met every assessment 100% (this kid continues to shock us) and his teacher said she finally asked him, “Jonah, do you remember EVERY word I say??” 🙂 The best part though, is that she noticed his proud smile. She said that when he gets an answer right, he has this little extra happy smile and his eyes light up and it just melts her heart (she noticed that… oh my happy mom heart!) Jonah is working on his perseverance, he is very hard on himself when he doesn’t get something right the first time. But, he’s learning and growing as a little man and I love that his teacher is actively working on character traits as much as learning metrics. We’re teaching Jonah that at every stage in life, he’ll need to trust Jesus. He’ll never have ALL the answers and being 4 is a great time to learn to ask Jesus for help. 🙂

If you’re on the school journey, approaching it or doing your own homeschool adventure, trust Jesus that He has the perfect education system for your family. The school years are a long, fun season and to be in the right place, in the right season is humbling. To stand in awe of God, that He prepared this time for your family, is a peace that overwhelms you with thankfulness.

The school decision is a HUGE decision, but just as you were equipped to parent your kid through tantrums and sleep training, you are equipped to know the right place for education too! God leads through peace and He gave you your precious little souls to parent. Explore your options, trust God and enjoy the journey.




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