A Patriotic Halloween

DIY costume prep begins the day after Tuck’s August birthday. First, there’s about a month of deliberation and negotiation on what each kid will be and then there’s the actual collecting, cutting, and assembling to complete. Everything you see here can be replicated at home with a little determination and a whole lot of hot glue…img_7805 Crosby went as “BABEraham Lincoln” and pulled it off perfectly. Doesn’t this look just scream, “four score and seven years..”? Unfortunately, his top hat got left behind when we went to trick-or-treat at the cousin’s neighborhood (there’s a debate going about whose fault that was). And, about half-way down the street he threw up all over himself filling the cup-holders and base of the stroller and drenching his get-up completely. Poor guy! He spent the rest of his holiday in a borrowed onesie cuddling on Pa’s lap. 🙂 img_7795img_7798img_7802When asked what he was going to be for Halloween, Tuck would always happily reply, “THE OLYMPICS!” 🙂 I found some silver SOLO cups in the pantry and cut the bottoms off to create Phelps’ signature Beats headphones. His swim cap is one of Crosby’s beanies to which I stitched an American flag and hot glued some foam letters. Come Halloween night, it took some convincing to get him into his costume but he was proud as a peach the second he started getting loads of attention. The more neighborly compliments this boy received, the more you’d notice him loudly stroking his medals. I think his costume was the favorite! 🙂img_7794img_7797img_7799Em loves all the souvenirs Daddy brings home from his NYC trips so she knows all about Lady Liberty. She was so excited about her crown and props and I was just thankful the whole thing didn’t come apart the second she put it on. This dress is the most homemade thing you’ve ever seen. I bought a bunch of silky mint fabric and got busy with my glue gun. There’s some elastic and an old stained dress under there somewhere and it did the job. I made her crown by painting a foam one we had at home. I added the points by cutting out some aqua paper plates we had in the pantry.  For the torch I painted and drew with sharpie on a cone and lit it with gold tissue paper. Her book is a wrapped Amazon box. I love this pretty girl and how excited she gets about things like this. She’s game for anything!img_7787img_7796 Trick-or-treating in HJ and Chelsea’s neighborhood has become our yearly tradition. They have gobs of kids and everyone sits on their driveways to pass out candy. Angie and her kids stopped by to join us going house to house. Norah was an animal rescuer with Miles being her chipmunk. 🙂 Jonah showed up as a ninja turtle ready to get the bad guys. My sister-in-law, Chels, went all out with Mr. Peanut and a bunch of grapes (PB&J). Georgia was the star of the show covered in  her favorite, purple balloonsI Love all these kids so much!img_7788img_7789 img_7790I think my kids had the most fun passing out the candy. They spent the second half of the night combing through their big bowls of candy, pointing out their favorite costumes, and greeting each neighbor with fistfuls of candy to plop in their pumpkins. Crosby’s crazy vomit incident, Em nearly darting into the street (cue the Mommy heart attack), and a potty accident by Tucker sealed the deal that it was time to end our epic evening and get home. Until next year- Em’s got big plans to be a tree or may be an acorn! 😉

Go USA!img_7775

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