Mr. Miles: Month TEN


Oh, this little boy! He continues to completely steal our hearts.

This month has brought so many happy changes for Mr. Miles. He learned to crawl! Our (almost) always content little man decided to finally embark on his own path. After weeks of frustration, with only crawling backwards or rolling around, Miles finally realized that being a little brother was the thing that motivated him. 🙂 One evening, Norah and I sat on the back deck playing Monopoly cards and looked over to see Miles inching forward to our stack of cards. He reached them, smashed them and sat up to make sure he completely messed up our neat pile. Nor and I held our breath and then erupted in claps of praise. The rest of the evening was spent enticing Miles across the carpet with Monopoly cards and goldfish. We were all so proud of him!

The next big change… teething! The excuse parents love to use for a cranky baby, the excuse I do my best not claim. But, no more excuses. We have a swollen, right below the gum line bottom tooth. The third time around, teething is a lot less intimidating. Now, we just wait for this much-anticipated tooth to break through.


Eating is so fun these days. Miles new favorite food is eggs. The boy could eat 2-3 all on his own. He loves to smash the scrabbled pieces into his mouth and giggles as Xavi (our dog) licks the highchair around his legs. Miles still loves the food packs too. He engulfs any snack he can get his hands on. For such a little guy, he eats his good share of food. He loves to nurse in the morning, it is such a sweet time of cuddles, but after that, the boy just wants big people food. I feel like I won a mom award if I can get him to nurse more than twice a day.

Babbling, babbling, babbling. Miles loves to clap his hands and say, “ayyyyy!” (yay). He waves “eeeeeyyyee” (hi), shakes his head (no) and put his hands up “ohhhh” (uh-oh). We’re still waiting on a definite Dada or Mama. 🙂 Oh, how we long to hear those words!


Miles big adventure was to Colorado. We spent Fall Break in Colorado Springs/Denver area and this boy was amazing! He slept on the go, was pushed far past bedtimes and any semi-routine we had. We were in complete awe of his go-with-the-flow attitude… until day 6. We moved to a hotel room in downtown Denver and Miles went down for the night like normal. Around 11pm, he woke up screaming. We tried to nurse, comfort, sing, give a paci, take a shower, etc. Finally he just decided to be awake… giggling away as his big brother and sister miraculously slept 5ft away during the wee hours of the morning. Josh and I took turns the rest of the night strollering Miles around in the fitness room. Miles would sleep for 30min, then cry again, sleep an hour, then cry again. Oh my goodness, were we exhausted by 7am! Teething or maybe just pushed past his limit, I have no idea. BUT, he slept the next night and when we got home he slept SO much. Good thing we love this little guy SO much! 🙂

Miles also went to his first Tulsa Fair! The butterflies and corn dogs were his favorite. (Bad idea on the corn dog though… gas for dayzzzz).

We met our sweet Autralian/American friend Owen, visited the pumpkin patch and celebrated Nana’s birthday too!

I wish I could know that Miles would remember these wonderful moments. However, pictures will have to do the work of reminding him how greatly loved he is and how great of an adventure this life he lives is.


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