This Cool Cat is FOUR MONTHS OLD!


Crosby boy is getting BIG! And.. I’m not just saying that. Today’s doctor’s appointment confirmed our “little” guy is in the 99th percentile for height! That’s not the first time we’ve been told that. haha! He’s following in Tuck’s footsteps with his long legs and chunky belly. We like em’ that way around here! 🙂

He’s growing up a ton and his little personality is coming out more and more. He’s started grabbing at everything. Anytime Emmy or I get close he clenches onto our hair and quickly gets the strands tangled in his tiny wet fingers. ouch! Em is such a good sport about it and usually pretends to be hurt to make him smile. He LOVES his feet and grabs them any chance he gets. He’s constantly sucking on his fingers (as many as he can jam in his mouth at a time).

He’s still not a big tummy time fan and only lasts a few minutes. He’s got great head control though and has been spending more time in the Bumbo chair. He’s still not on any kind of a schedule besides sleeping 7-7 at night. PTL!

We love this guy so much! He feels like the perfect puzzle piece for our family. His sweet smile and bright eyes are the highlight of my day and I keep falling more in love. This year of firsts is special beyond words and we’re trying hard to treasure every stage, phase, and moment. Life with three is busy but beautiful!img_7408

At the end of the video you can hear Tuck asking, “Can we give him candy now?” 🙂 img_7409

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